1. the orange sliver of the new moon
2. Before Sunset
3. French Toast
4. D’jango Rinehart
5. Christmas Eve at Marshall’s with really good champagne
6. seeing Stevick, Christie, Chad, Kristina, Jennifer, Seth, Kristin and of course baby Olivia
7. Airborne
8. awesome hair day (and a flurry of compliments on the bangs all weekend)
9. the best nap I have ever had in the history of time
10. Radar Bros.
11. sunny afternoon of driving all over creation
12. stopping for hot wings at Blair & Chassea’s
13. shrimp, olives, yellow bell peppers and crab cakes
14. Season 6 of the Sopranos and being oddly in love with Tony
15. being away from my family at Christmas and realizing how very blessed & lucky I am to be so totally and completely exhausted by the bounty of love & family in my friends

i heart making christmas presents so effing much