As we’ve said before, Flickering Things is a tribute to the 10 Things community and a way of thanking them for helping us to spread the joy. Few deserve this thanks as much as Lori “getthebubbles” Williams who has been a champion of 10 Things: posting regularly to our Flickr group, cheering on others, and telling her friends. If 10 Things is a bliss brigade, Lori is a brigadier general.
As our very first contributor Meera Sethi said, “getting to know Lori is like drinking a nice tall glass of champagne.” We couldn’t agree more. This week let’s all crack open a bottle of the good stuff and toast the lovely lady we call Bubbles, and her beautiful tribute to the things that make us feel like a kid again.

getthebubbles | back to my childhood

back to my childhood

“My antique canopy bed: my great grandmother made the canopy, and it was handed down to me as a child. It makes me feel like a princess. It is small, and creaky, and old fashioned, but I love it. I have been able to have it in my house for the first time since I left for college, and I feel like a kid again.” — getthebubbles