Flickering Things celebrates the outstanding contributions to the 10 Things group on Flickr. Here is a lovely tribute from gardenhoe/sara to getting away from it all, singing hearts and being delightfully, and unapologetically, Canadian. Us 10 Things girls really do love us some Canadians. We’re sure Sara, and her lovely expression of simple gratitude, will win you over as well.

gardenhoe/sara | canoe


“There is something about a canoe that just makes my heart sing, I am flooded with memories of summer, of water, of rocks and hemlocks, white pines and the Group of Seven. I dream about paddling while we are in the depths of frozen winters, and the sound of the water lapping against the sides on a muggy summer’s night is music that fills my ears.
It is all things cliche and Canadian, and that is me.” — gardenhoe/sara