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Flickering Things celebrates the outstanding contributions to the 10 Things group on Flickr. Here is a lovely tribute from gardenhoe/sara to getting away from it all, singing hearts and being delightfully, and unapologetically, Canadian. Us 10 Things girls really do love us some Canadians. We’re sure Sara, and her lovely expression of simple gratitude, will win you over as well.

gardenhoe/sara | canoe


“There is something about a canoe that just makes my heart sing, I am flooded with memories of summer, of water, of rocks and hemlocks, white pines and the Group of Seven. I dream about paddling while we are in the depths of frozen winters, and the sound of the water lapping against the sides on a muggy summer’s night is music that fills my ears.
It is all things cliche and Canadian, and that is me.” — gardenhoe/sara

Flickering Things celebrates the oustanding contributions to the 10 Things group on Flickr. This photo from olivelife brings us the memory of simpler days when we had to change ribbons instead of harddrives.

olivelife | typewriter


“An old typewriter makes me thankful. It taught me to type. It gets words on a page. It makes the coolest sound.” — olivelife

Flickering Things celebrates the oustanding contributions to the 10 Things group on Flickr. While we fancy ourselves as two long-winded broads, Computer Science Geek reminds us that sometimes few words are necessary to express our thanks. Especially when it comes to food.

Computer Science Geek | Waffles in Morning Light

Waffles in morning light

“This never gets old…” — Computer Science Geek

As we’ve said before, Flickering Things is a tribute to the 10 Things community and a way of thanking them for helping us to spread the joy. Few deserve this thanks as much as Lori “getthebubbles” Williams who has been a champion of 10 Things: posting regularly to our Flickr group, cheering on others, and telling her friends. If 10 Things is a bliss brigade, Lori is a brigadier general.
As our very first contributor Meera Sethi said, “getting to know Lori is like drinking a nice tall glass of champagne.” We couldn’t agree more. This week let’s all crack open a bottle of the good stuff and toast the lovely lady we call Bubbles, and her beautiful tribute to the things that make us feel like a kid again.

getthebubbles | back to my childhood

back to my childhood

“My antique canopy bed: my great grandmother made the canopy, and it was handed down to me as a child. It makes me feel like a princess. It is small, and creaky, and old fashioned, but I love it. I have been able to have it in my house for the first time since I left for college, and I feel like a kid again.” — getthebubbles

Nothing makes us happier than seeing others spread the joy. As a thank you to the 10 Things community, we’ve created a new weekly feature titled Flickering Things. This new feature is a way for us to honor others that have jumped on the bliss brigade, creating postings that inspire us, both visually and editorially.

Crystl | Rhizome


“Ginger is one of life’s finer things. When I’m feeling a wee bit under the weather I peel, chop into disks, and steep ginger in hot water. Ginger tea is guaranteed to make me feel better faster than anything I can pick up over the counter.” —Crystl

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