Making your own lists is easy. Just get out your Trapper Keeper and fill it with numbers one through ten. Every night or once a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays or the second Sunday of every month. When you’re so glad you could list twenty, or so mad you could list 40 miserable ones. You can always find Ten Great Things About Today.

We suggest looking in the following places for inspiration:

your refrigerator, your daily routine, your small achievements, your big achievements, your family, (and if that’s too ugly for some) your friends, your pets, your treasure chest, your CD player, your pantry, your bathtub, your city streets, the weather, the roof over your head, the stuff hanging on your walls, your closet, your bookshelf, your local pub, your passport, your local cinema, your best friend’s closet, your cubicle, your farmstand, your calendar or your mailbox.

There are great things all around you. Sometimes you just have to look.