10 Things began as a nightly list scribbled in a tiny journal: “Ten Great Things About Today.” No matter what, find ten great things about the day, even if when it’s easier to list 20 terrible things. It’s a pretty great exercise in “glass mostly full.”

My very first list in April 2004 went like this:

Tuesday – I have been majorly allergic and miserable today. I could go on to complain about the burning of my nose, the itch in my throat, etc. but I will focus on the great things instead

1. got a printer table
2. Martha gave me daffodils
3. beautiful weather
4. I live in an AMAZING home
5. watched “Kill Bill” with Gavin
6. great emails from Janelle (and everyone else)
7. I can sing
8. painting my room
9. I have great friends
10. Henry is sleeping on the loveseat

In the summer of 2006, I started keeping a visual diary of this list, with monthly photo essays of my great things. Janelle said, “Let’s start a website!” and so we did.

This photo project has quickly become one of my favorite things to do. I hope we can inspire you to start your own lists and come back here to share them with us.

– Stephanie

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